Advanced/Intermediate Kayak Class – May

These two classes, like the Basic Intermediate class, accommodate a range of skills. You should have a river roll to join these weeks and be a comfortable Class III boater for INTERMEDIATE CLASS and III plus/IV minus for the advanced boater.

The Advanced/Intermediate Class

The Advanced/Intermediate Class:

Is designed for the stronger boater with a solid roll and would like to become more confident and comfortable on harder rapids. These weeks are for paddlers who get out a lot and are solid in easy class IV whitewater.

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The ADVANCED paddler is exposed to: Intense, powerful, but predictable rapids, which require precise boat handling in turbulent water; fast maneuvers under pressure; rapids that require ‘must make’ moves; scouting. The difficulty range here is Class IV- to ClassIV+.

The Advanced/Intermediate Class The INTERMEDIATE paddler will be exposed to: Complex maneuvers in fast current and good boat control in tight passages or around ledges; large waves or strainers may be present but easily avoided; Strong eddies and powerful currents when the river is higher; how to scout your run; river reading skills. This boater should become competent on class IIIplus/IV minus if the instruction is followed.

The above is a general guide-line to determine the class you should take. Our programs are flexible and are meant to accommodate the paddler’s needs & goals.

The month of May in California provides the best whitewater of the season. This is a perfect way to ‘kick-start’ your boating season. Get confidence; gain needed skills for higher water and become a safer and more comfortable boater on this water.