Strokes from the Folks – Testimonials from Guests

“Frankly, I was blown away. The entire experience very much exceeded my expectations. The facilities, good food and instruction and entire support staff were fantastic, I’ll be back with family and friends.”

- Kyle Kovalik, Seattle, WA

“It has been a month now since my trip to Otter Bar began, and still I am raving about your resort. Your cabins, staff, grounds and equipment were all so welcoming. I enjoyed my time both on the water and off and think of you whenever I insert Rush’s video into my DVD player in order to reminisce. I miss the mouth-watering meals and the warmth that Otter Bar provided to all of us with First Descents.”

- Natalie Conforti , San Francisco, CA

“I wanted to give all of you a very heartfelt thank you for all your patience, good humor and most excellent skill in working with us this week. I enjoyed our days at the lodge and on the water so much. I especially appreciated being in the presence of such experience and professionalism, as I try to develop in my own kayak guiding. But most of all, it was fun, and I had it!”

- Pam Gray, Berkeley, CA

“Very positive. Like switching instructors to get exposure to different styles. Nice work on catering to different levels and still giving everyone enough attention. A little push to go beyond where I was comfortable was good!”

- Lesley Ross, Bonita, CA

“Probably the best instruction I have received. Detailed and consistent. Probably one of the best weeks of my life. Peter, the instructors and all the staff made the week! Thank you!!”

- Ted Bonner, Phoenix, AZ