What To Bring To A Week Of Kayaking Otter Bar Lodge

Almost everything is included in one price when you come to Otter Bar, but there are a few things to bring with you depending on the week you’re coming and the time of year. Here is a list to help you plan your week at Otter Bar.

What to bring


Otter Bar provides all equipment for Beginning and Basic Intermediate classes. If you are taking an Intermediate or Advanced class you should bring your own equipment. If you are flying, you should bring your personal paddling gear and we will lend you a paddle and kayak. When you borrow our equipment you are responsible for returning it in the same condition. There is no extra charge for this. You should try to bring your own paddling gear if you have it. We have a full range of the latest models of Perception and Dagger boats for you to try throughout your week. You are welcome to try out any of our kayaks.


We provide paddling jackets and pile paddling sweaters to keep you warm. During the months of May and June you need to bring a wet suit, dry top or dry suit. (The wet suit we recommend is a 1/8″ Farmer John.) You should check in with us at some point to see what the weather is doing and if there is a need for this, especially in June.

Bring long underwear, like Capiline or polypropylene. Chances are you will not need these things during the months of July and August, but better to be safe than sorry. You may want to check with us shortly before your week begins to see what the weather is doing and what folks are wearing.

You will also need some sort of shoes to wear while kayaking. Wet suit booties work best. Old tennis shoes work but offer limited space in a kayak. River sandals, (Teva type) are not recommended since they might get caught on debris when you’re in the river. We sell NRS booties here and they work very well.

Bring a cap or visor with a brim that will fit under a kayak and has no button on the top of the cap for sun protection. Nose plugs You can purchase an Otter Bar cap & nose plugs when you get here, if you like.


Clothes: Otter Bar is casual! We live in Tee shirts, shorts, jeans, bathing suits and sandals for the most part. May and part of June can be rainy and cool, so a jacket and long pants may be needed. Again, check in with us before you come.

We have a ‘No Shoes In The Lodge’ policy, so you might want to bring some house- slippers/socks to wear inside.


We serve 3 meals a day. If you have any particular dietary needs, please let us know before you arrive. Juice and water are served with dinner. If you want any other alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, soda pop or snacks, you should bring it with you, or buy it at our local store. There is a refrigerator for your use. Wine will not be served with dinner.

Miscellaneous Items:

Sunscreen; camera; flashlight; insect repellent and the usual personal traveling things. We do provide shampoo & conditioner in the showers. We will give you a water bottle at the beginning of the week.


The only thing you will need cash or checks for is if you want to purchase any items from the Otter Bar store. The store sells: used kayaks and gear; caps; Tee shirts; Sweatshirts; Hoodies; kayak books & DVDs; nose & ear plugs; NRS Booties; Chums for glasses; sun mitts; and some Kokatat Water Sports items. Massages.


We have a masseuse who comes in each evening. Their charge is around $80.00 for a full body massage. Checks or cash are fine, but no credit cards. We also offer a Yoga Class once a week for $10.00.


Gratuities are optional, but if you would like to leave they guides & house staff something, they are accepted and much appreciated by the staff. The norm is around 10% to 20% and divide this up among the entire staff.


People ask if they can bring their dogs. This is not a good idea for a number of reasons:

  • We have dogs on the property that feel they ‘own the place’ and don’t like to share.
  • Dogs are left alone all day since their owners are gone all day.
  • Two dogs or more will tend to ‘run deer’ and keep running until they are gone, for a long time.
  • Dogs that are not use to the country are not safe due to wild animals in the area.
  • Our dogs are not allowed  in the lodge ever, therefore, dogs cannot sleep with their owners inside.

We love dogs, that is why we do not allow them here.


If you are into road biking, this place is heaven. If you can, bring your road bikes or Mountain Bikes if you prefer. There will be time to ride on Wednesday and after you get back from your day of kayaking.