NQGUs: Not Quite Grown-Ups
Otter Bar Lodge-Youth Kayaking Program


Our 2020 program for our NQGU Kayakers will no longer held on the Otter Bar Property. We are going to be based out of Dillon Creek Campground, off the Klamath River. Here is a description of our new NQGU site.

The roar of cascading Dillon Creek provides the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful, yet adventurous stay in the densely wooded Siskiyou Mountains.

Dillon’s mountainous terrain combines the warmth of the summer sun with cool gentle breezes which wind their way through these majestic canyons. As you walk the winding path to one of the most scenic and refreshing natural “swimming holes” in northern California, every conceivable form of outdoor adventure is within your grasp.

The campsites, carved into the mountain slopes, are sheltered, shaded, and offer privacy.

The bear-proof garbage containers are a cautious reminder that you are in a riparian habitat area, with a widely diversified wildlife population.

This is an amazing area which is much closer to the river the kids will be kayaking. Staying here eliminates the drive each day to the Klamath.

There are 2 Courses this season:

July 12-18 for Advanced/Intermediate students.
This week will have a lot of our students who have been in our one week programs and have aged out of it. They are strong boaters who need more advanced skills in kayaking. There is a limit of 10 for this week, and the age group is 14-17 yrs. old.
July 19-25 for Beginner/Basic Intermediate
This week is for kids who have had no previous kayaking experience and others who have had some, or have taken our NQGU classes before, and are ready for the next stage of their kayaking skills. This group is the 10-14 yr. olds. Since this camp is 45 minutes from Otter Bar,
kids will not be able to touch base with their parent, if they are in the Otter Bar Adult progam. These kids should be secure and mature enough to be in an‘overnight’ camp for 7 nights.
The limit for this class will be 12 kids. What will be different from the camp at Otter Bar?
There will be a 1:3 guide ratio for the kids. They will not have a cook onsite this year. The object is to expose them to what it is like if they were on an over night kayaking expedition and have to plan their meals; clean their area; make sure everything is ready for the next day. Meal planning, cooking and cleaning are all part of a kayak trip. The team effort for this will give them confidence, new skills, and learn how to parse their time and energy on and off the river. Obviously, the younger kids will need more supervision with this mission, but they will have it and be guided along and do things they are able to handle.
The week’s activities are designed to maximize Paddling
We have our special ‘kid friendly’ paddling instructors on hand to make the most out of the week. They use the river to learn about the ecology of rivers and will be sure to observe wildlife on the river. How to help others, be responsible for themselves and hang out with a group of kids who feel strongly about kayaking are the ingredients for a successful week. After your reservation is sent in and completed, we will be sending you a list of things the kids should have with them when they arrive. We provide paddling equipment if the kids do not bring their own. ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES
Arrival should be after 5 PM on the Saturday before the start of their class. The kids will be spending this Saturday night at Nordheimer Campground Group Site D. This campground is 2 miles down from Otter Bar Lodge. (Towards Somes Bar)
Dinner will be around 6:30, please let us know if you’re running late. On Sunday the kids will be transferred to Dillon Creek Camp Ground to begin their week.

The following Saturday, the last day of camp, the kids will be picked up at Otter Bar Lodge. We’ll have them at Otter Bar with all their gear.

We always have a Pond Olympics on the last day of camp. This lasts from 1 to 1.5 hr. We will have a ‘show’ for the parents to see all the skills the kids have learned throughout the week. If you want to be here for this, arrive around 10:00-10:30 ish. Everything will be done by 12-noon.

More information will be sent to you about all the logistics of the week as well.