Not Quite Grown Ups – Kayaking Class for Kids

Last Week of July

Otter Bar offers a youth kayaking program for kids age 10-14. Located at our remote Salmon River property, this is a unique opportunity for kids to learn to paddle at North America’s premier whitewater kayak school and enjoy a week in a wondrous natural setting. During the week we will paddle on both the Salmon and Klamath depending on river flows.

This is a completely separate program from our Lodge Program. Here the kids will be with other kids with similar skills and close in age. Acceptable ages are 10-14 years.

We offer one week at the Beginning skill level (for kids with little or no experience) mixed with Intermediate skill level (for kids with some previous experience). See the schedule for exact dates and prices. The kid’s camp runs simultaneously our regular lodge program so parents and children can both attend Otter Bar at the same time. Unaccompanied children are welcomed and, be assured, they will be in a secure and safe environment. The Lodge program and the Kid’s camp are 2 separate programs located on different properties at Otter Bar.

Kids We hire ‘Kid Friendly’ guides who can play with the kids and keep them safe. The teachers bring with them degrees in education, outdoor education, and natural sciences. They are creative, enthusiastic, and full of energy (much like our young paddlers). Their diverse experience assures a positive experience for each student while our low student/teacher ratio makes certain that each student receives the appropriate structure and supervision on and off the river.

This program began when our son, Rush, was 10 years old and is in his 20s now. So, we have had years and years of experience doing this program, which is generally the first of all the weeks to fill up. A lot of fabulous paddlers began their paddling careers here at camp.

If there is a parent in the lodge program, note that the parent/s & kids generally do not paddle together during these classes. Although, you might run into each other on the river through out the week. You can go visit your child at kid’s camp after the day is over and before dinner.

Kids camp consists of a cabin on the same piece of land that Otter Bar Lodge is on. The meals are cooked inside the cabin by a cook, and the kids stay in tents in front of the cabin with the guides. In addition to learning to kayak,they are taught: the responsibility of respecting the environment on and off the river; how to take care of their (our) equipment; treat each other with respect and kindness. Look out for each other on the river and in camp.

We provide all of the necessary kayaking equipment including youth-sized kayaks, specially designed paddles, helmets, PFD and spray jackets to keep the kids warm. All of our gear is top quality. Take a look at what to bring.

A Typical Day at Kid’s Camp

We start our days with a home cooked meal and waste no time heading to the river. After a morning of kayaking, we have lunch on the river. We kayak more in the afternoon and then return to camp for various activities. Beside our camp is a beautiful, deep swimming hole. If there is a parent in the lodge, you may come join your child swimming. After dinner activities include story telling, outdoor slide shows, and games that will keep the kids entertained until it’s time to turn in for the night in the “tent village.” The kids sleep in tents and usually end up sharing with a new friend before the end of the week.

Typical Day Mid-week we take a break from the kayaks and head to another swimming hole or a wilderness hike. This provides a dramatically different perspective of the Salmon River area and yet another opportunity for learning and having fun. Although the week’s activities are designed to maximize paddling, we use our outdoor classroom to learn about the natural world and become more familiar with the great outdoors.

Our combination of instruction, equipment, location, and the awesome sport of kayaking make kids camps an exceptional opportunity for fun and learning. Allow us to expand your child’s horizons through these wonderful challenges in the outdoors.

Meals are all kid friendly and healthy! (An oxymoron?) Our kids’s cook serves high quality meals that the kids will not only eat, but will love. We accommodate any type of dietary needs, likes & dislikes. Just let us know about the request before hand.

The best time to learn a sport is when you are young. If your child wants to learn to kayak and is into the sport, this class will be the best thing they could do for them. The learning curve for these kids is so fast! The kids that come here learn how to kayak, be safe, have fun and begin their kayaking with a positive attitude.

These classes fill up early. Give us a call for further questions about the program.