Beginning Kayak Class: July & August



BEGINNING – when the water & weather are warm!

The BEGINNER knows little or nothing of kayaking and needs only the desire to learn. Or sometimes you just want to go over the basics again with professional instruction and learn the proper techniques of the sport.


The Beginner Will: Things you’ll learn and do over the week

Be introduced to the basics of kayaking on our flat, warm water ponds. This will include: Introduction to the equipment (what to wear; what boat is best to learn in etc.) The basic strokes; boat control; wet exits; rescue techniques in moving or on flat water; and introduction to the Eskimo Roll, before we get on moving water.

The Beginning class will give you a Solid Foundation that emphasizes proper technique, control and confidence, while being safe and having fun on the river.

During this week, you will be on fast moving water with riffles and small waves. Few obstructions, all obvious, and easily missed with our training. Risk to swimmers is slight; Self-rescue or instructor rescue is emphasized.

Our instructors are never far away to help you make your move or do a ‘T-Rescue.’ Our small groups of a 3:1 ratio, help you get the individual attention you might need. Each student learns at a different pace and has different modes of learning. Our guides take this into account and figure this out early in the week, so you are getting the most of your learning experience. There will be a lot of individual instruction and thought about what you need during the day to help you progress.



In a group of 14 there will be 4 instructors and 4 groups, usually. During the week you might rotate into a different group with a different instructor each day, or may stay in the same group with a rotation of instructors. At the end of the week, you should have the skills to go on to a Basic Intermediate Level. If you are ready at the end of the week, you will be exposed to Class 3 rapids, depending on your progress. You will never be put on a runt hat you are not ready for, or have the skills to run. This is up to the discretion of your instructors. Our goal is for you to be safe and have fun as you learn to kayak.

All equipment will be provided for the Beginning Student, except wet/dry suits and foot wear. This includes: Kayak; spray skirt; paddle; float bags; paddling sweater & jacket; helmet; PFD.