Basic Intermediate Kayak Class

Basic Intermediate The BASIC INTERMEDIATE School accommodates a broad spectrum of boaters.

In July and August we combine this category with our beginning classes. This means that the two concurrently run classes are separated into sub-groups according to different skill levels. Some beginners can progress up to this level if they are ready. The Basic Intermediates may want to jump back a little to remind themselves about the basics. The month of June is just for Basic Intermediates, unless something else is arranged.

The first day of class we evaluate your skills and divide the class up into different skill levels. We can also accommodate Intermediate Paddlers who would like to accompany a friend or family member during the same week.

The Basic Intermediate School

Is designed for those who have had some whitewater river experience and perhaps have taken a course in the past and want to move on.

Particular emphasis is placed on developing a solid roll, eddy hopping, bracing, ferrying with precision, draw strokes, surfing and the foundation of

Basic Intermediate During this week you will encounter straight-forward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident. On the scale of difficultly the rapids are Class II plus and Class III minus, generally speaking. By the end of this week, you should be comfortable and solid on these rapids.

The water levels for these weeks are generally higher in the earlier weeks at the end of May and June. These weeks are for the stronger, more aggressive paddler, who has had a good basic foundation. INTERMEDIATE paddlers may join these weeks.

The Roll is an on-going process in which everyone will be working on throughout this week, on and off the river. We will always provide extra attention if you would like to practice you roll before or after the paddling day.

Whatever week you choose, we are capable of tailoring the week to your needs since we have a high student-teacher ratio.

All equipment will be provided for the BASIC INTERMEDIATE Student, except wet/dry suits and foot wear. This includes: Kayak; spray skirt; paddle; float bags; paddling sweater & jacket; helmet; PFD.