Strokes from the Folks – Testimonials from Guests

INSTRUCTION: Every single one of the instructors were amazing!! By far the best teachers I have ever had! This was my first time ever stepping into a hard shell kayak and I’m already going down rapids and doing combat rolls! That shows how great the instructors are. The way they taught was very easy for me to understand so that I could do the best I could. They were always getting me to do my best, but never pushing me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with. Basically, they were the best, amazing, nice, and funny.

- Kaisha Johnson, 15 years old, Davis, CA

This was the best week of vacation I’ve ever had! I started out a bit afraid, unsure of whether I’d have fun, but I loved kayaking. The people here were great, both the staff and the other guests.

- Colleen Druzgal, Salt Lake City, UT

INSTRUCTION: In a word, amazing. All 4 guides helped me learn in different ways, and it was great to get to paddle with all 4 of them. FOOD: The site promises good food, so my expectations were high-but you guys exceeded them all!! Every morsel of food I ate was delicious!!

- Jay Krutulis, New Castle, WA

INSTRUCTION: Instructors were excellent. I felt like they all cared about my progress. They wanted to see me improve. Positive reinforcement was always there. Most importantly, I felt completely safe. I knew I could trust every guide. Loved the different personalities & humor!

- Heidi Vivolo, San Francisco, CA

FOOD: First time I really enjoyed a meal in the States, excellent!

- Cary Walhof, The Netherlands