Strokes from the Folks – Testimonials from Guests

“Bryan and I had an awesome time at Otter Bar. One of the best vacations we have ever had. Since we got home I have purchased a Mamba and finally ran the Ocoee, a river I had been nervous about running. I had a great time thanks to the confidence I gained while at Otter Bar paddling with Jess, Peter and Graham. Everything was great, from the food to the rivers to the location to the guests. Thanks for the great experience.”

- Susan Kyle, Commerce, GA

“Peter and Kristy, thank you for such a great experience and your good humor. You run a tight ship, fun and beautiful too. I am very impressed and found everything well worth it. Video was a very valuable experience and taught me lots. I can’t believe my kayaking improved so tremendously and I am very stoked and looking forward to my Middle Fork Trip. I feel comfortable and safe. Thank you so much!”

- Marissa Nelson, Ketchem, ID

“A good week of laughing” which is a pretty healthy thing for me. A place so beautiful to have had the chance to play in life is good. Each instructor was fun! Great at calming my insides down, demonstrating skills, patience and not making someone feel like an idiot after failing a maneuver for the 50th time. Thanks so much.”

- Marybeth Mitchell, Issaquah, WA

“Peaceful, stunning comfortable-truly a home away from home. A very special place has been created here. There is so much heart and soul, not only in the infrastructure, but in every single member of the Otter Bar Family. This place offers a genuine retreat, rarely replicated in the world. Thank you for providing a week of tranquility, not only for me, but for every client that has entered your home.”

- Erin Raley, Placerville, CO

FOOD: Phenomenal-There were varied menus & each eating experience was amazing. I appreciate the attention to detail the recognition of dietary needs. I was asked if I would like an alternative or one was already waiting-that’s service!

- Alice Sherbow Ketchum, ID