The Otter Bar Family

Staff Otter Bar is a family-owned business and our instructors and staff are an important part of the family.

Otter Bar was started by Peter & Kristy Sturges in 1981 as a small wilderness lodge. Kayaking was something that Peter did just for fun, but it didn’t take long to realize the potential of teaching kayaking at the lodge. The program and the lodge have evolved and grown over the years. And so has the Sturges family: Peter and Kristy’s kids, Rush and Allison, are an integral part of Otter Bar.

Our Instructors

We have the best instructors in the business. Each instructor brings their own style of teaching, broad knowledge of the sport, and the innate ability to teach others how to excel and have fun. All of our instructors are experienced expert paddlers and excellent teachers. The qualifications we require for someone to teach here are of the highest standards.