Instructor Training Course

Otter Bar Kayak School Instructor Training
April 24 – 28 2017
Price: $500.00/5 Nights

This is an intensive five-day course that offers both training and assessment opportunities for experienced whitewater kayak instructors. The course will include technical skill development, teaching scenarios, river rescue modules and an in-depth look at the roles and responsibilities of Otter Bar Instructors. There are a variety of goals for this course including:

  • An open exchange of ideas and teaching experiences.
  • Sharing the renowned teaching progressions used by Otter Bar Instructors.
  • Learning from highly experienced professional instructors from Otter Bar.
  • Receiving a high level of training including teaching progressions, river rescues skills, and technical padding skills.
  • Potential work opportunities at Otter Bar Kayak School.

This course is designed for expert kayakers who are experienced kayak instructors. This is a training opportunity for those who are interested in learning advanced teaching techniques and new skills from Otter Bar professionals.

The course is 5 days and tuition is $500.00. This includes your meals and lodging. You may arrive the evening before the class begins, April 19th. The main instrutors are Ben Morton and Andy Round. The class is limited to 10 people.

Please call 530-462-4772 to find out more about the week or email us at:

This is a great opportunity to advance your teaching methods and interact with others having similar jobs and interests.