Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What class should I take? Descriptions of the various levels of classes are available in our brochure and web site. If you don’t fit into a particular class, no worries. We take the group (maximum 14) and subgroup the group out into skill levels. You will never be put anywhere you don’t belong. We can also tailor the week to meet your skills and put you on river runs that are appropriate for you. There is usually a wide range of skill levels in any given week. There is always some sort of cross-over between skills in each week. If you have a time constraint that limits the week you can come to, don’t worry. We have intermediates in basic intermediate weeks. The Beginner/Basic Intermediate weeks means there will be both skill levels and we will parse you out into an appropriate skill group after we evaluate your paddling. Please call us before you decide on a week to make sure you will be in the right one.
  2. Why seven days? Can I stay less than 7 days? Our programs are based on a 7-day schedule. We feel this is the least amount of time we can spend and teach what we have to teach. You can get a lot under your belt in seven days. Doing anything for 7 days in a row will improve your skills tremendously, as opposed to a day here and a day there. Skill acquisition can be practiced through out the rest of the week. Besides, you won’t want to leave after 7 days.
  3. What if I have a partner that wants to come, but not kayak? You can bring someone if the week is not full with kayakers. Usually we don’t know how full the week will be until shortly before it begins. So if they are flexible, you can call before the class begins and ask about space. The cost will be half price per person. If you want to be assured of a space you must pay full rate.
  4. Where do I fly into? You fly into the Eureka/Arcata Airport on the northern coast of California. We will pick you up there the day before the class begins at a specific time. All flying information is on our website & brochure. Some people prefer to fly into the Medford, Oregon, Airport and rent a car. However, there is a much better schedule and less expensive flights from this airport.
  5. How many instructors do you have? We will have 4 instructors for maximum of 14 people.
  6. What are the rooms like? Our rooms are best described as a ‘Bed & Breakfast’ type. There are 4 bedrooms in the lodge and 3 separate cabins. You can request a particular room, but there are no guarantees that you’ll end up with that room. We must wait and see how many couples; men and women are in the group. Most rooms sleep two; one room a single; along with one room that can sleep 4. Couples always have their own room, of course.
  7. What if I come alone? No problem. People come by themselves all the time. Generally, the group consists of about 1/2 couples; and 1/2 people on their own. It is a warm, family atmosphere and most groups become very close by the end of the week. You will typically be put in a room with someone of the same gender. Sometimes you’ll get a room alone, but no promises.
  8. When are deposits and final payments due? The deposit can be sent in with the reservation form or fill out the reservation form on our website and it will come to us via our email. The deposit confirms your week. The balance is due 45 days prior to the beginning of your week. There will be no refunds after this point and you should always take out trip insurance in case you can’t make it for whatever reason. We do not send you a bill, as well as prefer checks instead of credit cards.
    You can find many options to purchase TRAVEL INSURANCE on the website:
  9. Do I need any money? Do you have a store? Is there tipping? You should bring some cash or checks for: Massages ($80.00/hr.). Our small store has hats; tee shirts/hoodies; booties; ear/nose plugs; as well as Chums; etc. kayaking videos and books. We can order Kokatat gear for you before or during your visit here. There is a 10% discount on this. There is also a small store in Somes Bar you’ll be passing on your way to the river which has: wine, beer or goodies and things a country general store usually has. Like any service industry, the river industry has a standard tipping policy (Industry standard is 6-20%). There is no ATM or banks close by and we can’t accept credit cards for these transactions. Please bring cash or a check for massage and tips.
  10. What if I’m a vegetarian or have dietary needs? No problem. Tell us in advance and we’ll make sure you have everything you need. Please let us know early so we can buy the appropriate foods.
  11. What should I pack and what’s the weather like? April and May the water will be cold, and you’ll need a dry suit/top or wet suit. The weather could be clear, 70 degrees and sunny, or cold & wet. Be prepared. In June it’s changing into summer; therefore, the water is warmer and you may only need your bathing suit. Best to check in with us shortly before you come here to be sure, as you might need something warmer. In July and August, the water and weather are very warm. 80-90 degree days are common. The water is around 75-80 degrees.
  12. Are there any gas stations in town? No Gas Stations in Forks of Salmon. You should fill up after you get off the freeway (in Arcata or Yreka) and you’re headed towards Otter Bar.
  13. Is there cell phone coverage and Wi-Fi? Yes and No. There is no cell phone coverage, however, there is Wi-Fi. We do not have regular television reception, only DVD’s.